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Design-Build Engineer

One of the fastest growing methods for delivering construction projects is design-build. Rather than having the owner of a project deal separately with the designer and contractor, design-build utilizes one complete team with a designer and contractor working together. This method is collaborative and encourages the entire team to address changes and problems. The owner saves time, money, and has better service delivery.

Benefits of Design-Build Project Delivery

Streamlining the project delivery process by utilizing a single team with designers and builders yields faster, more cost-effective, higher-quality projects. With design-build, the owner is not tasked with dealing with difficulties between two teams, including the liability gap if there’s a dispute.

flood protection for electrical substation, Hutchison & Associates, Baytown TX
electrical substation, Hutchison & Associates, Baytown TX


Traditional construction is based on the (at least) two-contractor attitude. This can become adversarial and hold up progress. In design-build, the team is one single entity. By embodying all of the necessary components in an integrated team, the attitude of the team shifts to one of collaboration, cooperation, teamwork, mutual respect, and trust.

By making this shift, design-build becomes an innovative and creative method for producing superior results.

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